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ㆍ Company name
ㆍ President
ㆍ Established date
ㆍ Location

ㆍ Form of enterprise
ㆍ Factory scale
ㆍ Business domain

ㆍ Products

Taejung, Park
Nov 3TH, 1995
#929-6, Gumuncheon-ri, Hyangnam-eup,
Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do 445-922 Republic of KOREA.
(6-6block, Balahn Industrial Complex)
Private company
14,640m2 site, 2,850m2 building
Vacuum equipment, Semiconductor
manufacturing unit & test unit
Ultra high pure gas line, Coolant line, Precision
optical equipment
Precision optical equipment, Medical equipment
Nuclear fusion related equipment, Space development related items
Super bellows, Vacuum Bellows, Flexible tube
Bellows valve, VCR, VCO, LOK fitting, Ultra torr fitting
Vacuum components & parts
[Flange, Centering, O-ring, Adapter, Reducer, Clamp Elbow, Tee, Cross tee, Valve]

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